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Custom Web Development Customized Web Design for Small Businesses in Los Angeles

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The needs of every business are different. If you really want to get ahead of others and reach your target audience more effectively, then you need specific solutions that help you to meet your individual challenges. At Small Biz Web Design Studio, we offer customized website design solutions for small businesses. We have helped a large number of small businesses in the Greater Los Angeles to get an edge over the rest with our services and we can help you as well! So, if you want to design a website that truly stands out, then we are here for you!

Our Web Design Clients

We have been fortunate enough to have served the needs of a diverse clientele. From local locksmiths to exclusive fashion boutiques, we have worked with almost every kind of small business out there. We are a passionate team of web designers in Los Angeles and we love your small business grow and make your dreams come true!


How Custom
Web Development Works?

In custom web design and development, it is all about understanding your specific needs. That’s why our team of professionals spends a lot of time to understand your business. We carefully analyze your customers, your market and your competition. This would help us to gain useful insights that we would use to develop unique applications for your website.

Once we have understood your needs, we would proceed towards working on your website. We choose the right platform for your website – either HTML or CMS. For example, if your website is largely static, then we would use HTML. On the other hand, if you need to make frequent changes then we might go with a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Next, we add unique flavor to your website. We develop bespoke design templates and applications, just for your website. All our solutions have a single aim – to help you reach your audience and maximize your leads. We might make changes to the structure, navigation and the appearance of the website. Our professional web designers might also take the latest technology and adapt it to your website to get more leads. So, we would do whatever it takes to develop a truly unique website and get you the sales you have always wanted.

What Makes Us Different?

We deliver results. And we give it our all to get your search engine marketing results at the shortest time possible.


For us, nothing matters than your complete satisfaction and we would not stop until we reach your desired goals.


As you can see we Provide Results. Get in touch with us, a company that will build a long lasting professional relationship with you.


A detailed report is sent to you monthly so that you know what exactly is being done and how would it help to achieve your goals.


We are always an email or phone call away so that none of your issues go unresolved.


We care about one thing, the end result. This is what our clients are hiring us for. To provide results. And this is Exactly what We Do. Contact Us.