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Running a Non-profit organization or a charity can be quite challenging. You have to get your message across to your target audience in the most effective way, gather the necessary finances and get more people to join your movement. Your website can help you do all that and much more. Small Biz Web Design Studio is a professional web design company in Los Angeles and we specialize in designing websites for non-profit organizations. We would help you use your website in an effective way and help your organization to get more support from the right people and help you get success for your non-profit organization.

The Charities We Have Helped

We have been offering solutions for web design in Studio City since 2009. Ever since then we have helped a number of charities as well as other non-profit organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area. We have served organizations with diverse interests and of all sizes. We have been proud of being able to help many organizations in their initial stages and turn them into massive movements.


How We Help
Your Organization?

We understand that the needs of a non-profit organization are different from any other small business. Therefore, we have put in a lot of effort to refine our services so that we meet the needs of your non-profit organization. We are one of the few web design companies in Los Angeles which offers specialized web design services for non-profit design solutions.

The first thing that we would do is try to give a unique identity to your website. This would be in line with the overall identity of your organization. We use highly effective design elements that would help your audience to connect with your cause and influence them to join as a volunteer or to make a contribution. We would take effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques and adapt them to suit the needs of your organization. This would help you to get more people to sign up or get more contributions.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are effective tools to make people aware about your organization, connect with you and even help you to spread the word. We would integrate social media into your website. Our team of experts for social media marketing in Los Angeles would help you set up your profile and deal with all the activity on your behalf.

What Makes Us Different?

We deliver results. And we give it our all to get your search engine marketing results at the shortest time possible.


For us, nothing matters than your complete satisfaction and we would not stop until we reach your desired goals.


As you can see we Provide Results. Get in touch with us, a company that will build a long lasting professional relationship with you.


A detailed report is sent to you monthly so that you know what exactly is being done and how would it help to achieve your goals.


We are always an email or phone call away so that none of your issues go unresolved.


We care about one thing, the end result. This is what our clients are hiring us for. To provide results. And this is Exactly what We Do. Contact Us.