What Our Clients’ Say


I have made my research before hiring Raz, talked to few other companies and received quotes. I cannot say enough about Raz and his team at Small Biz Web Design Studio and how much they have helped us with design of our catalog and fixing the issues in the mail server as well as our website functionality and broken links. Raz spent hours working on issues not related to out initial price and did it all from his heart. There are no more business like this one, they Truly care about your business and your success and for that I am forever grateful. Happy New Year to all of you at Small Biz Web Design Studio!!


Cinthia B. Yelp Rating

I found Raz from Small Biz through a referral. I gave them a call and asked them for a price. I gave him a description of what I wanted, and he actually walked me through he entire process and make some pretty good recommendations to help improve the website. We ended up using custom made template which was actually faster as he recommended, so that turned out awesome also. I would highly recommend Raz since he was very responsive, easy to get a hold of, and has very competitive pricing. He even delivered what he promised from his proposal.

Thanks Raz!

Kasey P. Yelp Rating

I was looking for a reliable company to take on our on line marketing goals and I am very please I came across Monica from small biz web design. I’m pretty sure that I’m not their biggest client, but they sure know how to make me feel special. They are giving my business the VIP treatment and they put in work as if it was their own, I’m extremely satisfied with their service!

James G. Yelp Rating

I already had a Word Press site. My orginal developer was like all web developers. They LOVE to sell a website, but when you need to make changes or updates, they flake, disappear, don’t return, calls and seem to forget about you as they chase down new clients. To make matters worse, Word Press is easy enough to learn if you have the time to watch youtube videos and read books. I could do it myself, but that’s a huge waste of my time too. I got 4 quotes here from web developers telling me that they couldn’t fix existing site and that I had to pay them to start over from scratch. BS! Word press is Word Press! Then I called Raz at Small Biz Web Design Studio. He was the ONLY Word Press developer that wasn’t afraid of Word Press and helping me with my site. He made it look so easy and got all my updates done in less than 48 hours and made a design element change to my theme. No problem! He was worth every penny! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone because if he can fix my site, he can build and support your site too! I have two more sites I’ll be building with him in the near future for a book and a training program.

William H. Yelp Rating

Working with Mark is phenomenal, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. His advices and comments are very insightful and I would really recommend his SEO marketing tactics to anyone who is looking to grow their business on line. Small Biz Web Design created for us a website that not only looks good but converts our visitors into client. We are a startup company and needed as much help we could get. We met Raz and Mark after a quick phone meeting we had, and since then we are working together. The level of expertise these guys bring to the table is unpearler in Los Angeles.

Mari M. Yelp Rating

Met with Raz for a SEO services on my ecommerce website. Already within the first meeting he showed me great tips and strategies for my site. Can’t wait to see the effects of SEO. They helped with all aspects of our business from logo design, organizing our key services in a web friendly format, and blogging to increase overall traffic. Thank you!

William H. Yelp Rating

Fantastic! Great and fast service by Raz. I Asked for a quote for a design for our investors relation back end for easier use. Within few days the design was implemented in our system and the update was rolled out seamlessly. I would recommend using him for any website design related work.

Debi S. Yelp Rating

I was in charge of overhauling my companies website and spent weeks mulling over who to choose for the job. They have a streamlined, efficient and bulletproof process to get you the website you really want. They are way worth the money if you want a professional, slick and clean website! You can’t go wrong with these guys.

Gard A. Yelp Rating

Creating and managing your website and business is not easy if you’re doing it just by yourself but I’m so glad that I found a reliable and trusted company that will help manage my business and create a good website. Small Biz Web Design Studio team were very good in communicating and planning a website for me. Very creative and idealistic.  “My ideas and their ideas were combined to create a useful website.” The outcome was great. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I am more pleased with the work they’ve done & it’s more than of what am I expected. Thanks to this company, I’ve got more clients because of them.

Nelson H. Yelp Rating

This is a team of great folks doing incredible website design work. We have worked with Raz and Small BIz Web Design Studio for the last several years doing our marketing and websites, and have the highest confidence in Raz and Have recommended him to several people

Albina R. Yelp Rating

These guys are the best ever! I have never been more thrilled to work with fun young people, who have a lot of knowledge about Cyber space. From designing a logo, that I changed more then ever. To giving advise on what I need and what I was ready for as a first timer.They kept working with me on the details until it was perfect. They even cleaned up, when I over thought it to the point it was a big mess. Starting from scratch. Still they aim to please and were exceptional patient until it was to my liking. They are worth every penny and should charge more! If you work with anyone else, then your probably just not having fun. The make the Fun in fundamental. When your starting a business and you don’t know what your doing, these are who you want on your side. Honest, integrity and plane good old fashion morals, you can’t get better, anywhere in LA!

Tatyana M. Yelp Rating

We used Small Biz Web Design Studio to revamp the website and logo for our title Company. When going through the process of updating these, Raz was extremely helpful and always available. The prices they charged for these services cannot be beat! I definitely recommend Small Biz Web Design Studio. Raz delivers 10 fold of the expectations that I had. Not only do they deliver more than they promise and provide incredible website design, the education provided by them in how to use my website effectively and efficiently is second to none and extremely eye-opening as to how simple it really is.

Terry S. Yelp Rating

It’s really hard to find a company that will help you to build a better website for you, but I’m so thankful that I found Small Biz Web Design Studio Online and I’ve never expected that they will provide me a great and satisfying service for me. – More than of what I am expecting. Raz and his team, really did a professional, thorough job on creating my 2 new websites. They asked me first, what will be the concept of my website just to ensure that they will create it right.  My website is completed in a timely manner. They also gave me free tips on how to manage my website. Thanks… Small Biz Design Studio for providing a superb service.

Barbara M. Yelp Rating

We are so grateful to Small Biz Design Studio and their entire team for doing such an incredible job developing our website. We had several challenges with outside organizations and they handled everyone with such patience and professionalism. Raz was awesome to work with and always had a smile and positive attitude!

We absolutely love the final website design and user friendly layout. They took our exact vision and made it a reality. I will be recommending them to everyone I can.

Larry B. Yelp Rating

I’ve been a client of Raz for just about a year now (via website maintenance) and I am constantly impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to meet our (very high) expectations. Before we moved our web development business over to Small BIz we had some very bad experiences with previous vendors; Small BIz was able to take ownership of all of our existing sites–flaws and all–and helped us get back on the right path. They have been a true partner in helping to grow our digital presence and I would highly recommend them.

Lilli B. Yelp Rating

Small Biz Web Design Studio did a Website design and website development for our local LA Toy company. Raz gave us suggestions throughout the process and used their expertise to give insight into how the project should turnout.Needless to say , the website came out great, even though we had a limited budget. We are using Small Biz Web Design Studio for website hosting and any maintenance needs we have. In addition we are going to start social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Thanks again.

Billy W. Yelp Rating

Small Biz Web Design Studio is hands down the BEST website design and development company I’ve come across in Los Angeles. Their team, especially Raz, are the epitome of professional, proficient, and punctual. I’ve needed to develop 3 very different websites within the past few months. Not only have they done an outstanding job, but Raz is always available to talk and make updates/changes as necessary. You do not need to look any further if you are looking to develop a website or online marketing needs. You will not find a better team than Small Biz Web Design Studio! I work with a very picky team of high position executives in all types of industries- healthcare, IT, and finance, etc. and they ALL have been blown away by the work Raz and his team have done for us. Thank you guys!

Robe P. Yelp Rating

I have been using Raz from Small Biz Web Design Studio for more than a year now for your marketing and SEO. Small Biz Web Design Studio are doing great job designing and printing my real estate marketing materials. Raz works diligently to get your job designed and printed in a prompt manner. I would recommend Small Biz Web Design Studio for all of your marketing needs.

Tisha F. Yelp Rating

I talked with Raz today regarding my website. He gave me some very useful and honest advice. His intention was not to make a quick buck but to provide good customer service. He definetly did and I will be a returning customer in the future. I highly recommend Small BIz as the people here will give you honest, straightforward services and help your website needs. You can trust them to help you out with your website design!

Tawnya E. Yelp Rating
blank review

I recently launched my own custom jewelry business and was in need for a website ASAP. A friend had recommended Small Biz Web Design Studio and I called them the very next day. Within four weeks I had exactly what I had envisioned. Raz and Mark were a pleasure to work with- professional, personable and most importantly, qualified! I highly recommend them!

Diane B. Yelp Rating

There work ethics are 100% professional they are working on a logo for me and I am very impressed. Will continue to do business with them and will have them do all my work . Permanently hired a Small Biz company. To everyone they are the go to people. Raz did an outstanding job revamping my website and getting it looking amazing! He is very intuitive and a smart worker. I am extremely satisfied with his results

Ela C. Yelp Rating

Was looking for a design for an upcoming project. I got Raz’s phone number of a quick search on Yelp for Los Angeles web design company. He is very knowledgeable, very fast at getting the picture and most of all very nice guys. He seemed to know what I was looking for just by few questions and he sent me first draft after 24 hours. If you are looking for a web designer in Los Angeles area give Raz a call, you will not regret it.

Julie K. Yelp Rating

Raz and his team took over the design and programming of our new corporate website; it includes a total responsive interface, user friendly, with payment processing, shipping integration system and capabilities that will ensure our customers’ shopping experience becomes bold and simple.

The system once completed has become a hands free solution. Since our first interaction small biz team took great measures to ensure they completely understood my business, my expectations and my overall project.

The project was executed within the expected time frame. Raz managed to solve a challenge that might have delayed the project, this issue unrelated with his responsibilities help me understand the value of our partnership.

Small Biz will absolutely deliver an amazing product for any customer. We are looking forward to keep working with Raz and his team as a vendor and advisor to our new digital projects.

Mari M. Yelp Rating
blank review

I could not be more please with Small biz web design. Raz is amazing. Small Biz quickly designed and developed our site. Planning and testing was done using real data, cutting down on revisions. The finished site includes 20 forms to direct customers to various branches, and the site helps employees across the company function better. I don’t know if I can give you specific analytics, but I know that compared to analytics from the old site, the new site is definitely getting more page views, people are staying longer, and our bounce rate is lower.

Sean O. Yelp Rating

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